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Journal publication: New Media? Re-imagining Newness, Culture and the Social

In Journalism, Law, Social sciences on September 26, 2011 at 11:15 am

By Zeena Feldman

City University has just published New Media? Re-imagining Newness, Culture and the Social, a special themed volume that explores intersections between technology, culture and society. The complete volume is available for download at

Articles in this issue include:

Introduction: New media? Re-imagining technology, culture and the social
Zeena Feldman

Novel noise? A systems-theoretical approach to Twitter
Richard Wigley

Navigating digital publishing law without a ‘night lawyer’: an exploration of informal legal support networks
Judith Townend

Power struggles in Korean cyberspace and Korean cyber asylum seekers
Dong-Hyun Song

Designing scripts and performing Kurdishness in diaspora: the online-offline nexus
Jowan Mahmod

Are new media democratic?
Jenny Kidd

Reading the stranger in the age of social media
Zeena Feldman

Download the entire issue here, or explore one article at a time.